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Kimberly Gaxiola
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Throughout my whole professional corporate career, one thing remained the same, my urge to help people and families achieve their dreams to the best of my ability. Some might think this is cliche but that’s ultimately my end goal, seeing others succeed and playing a role in that success. However, I can tell you a million and 1 stories about how unhappy I was managing at a corporate level. I always pictured myself as a Latina climbing the corporate ladder and even though I did it, I never felt fully satisfied. I spent many hours away from home, from my children, family, my spouse, missed football games and birthday parties working towards something that quite frankly never mattered at this point. 

Becoming a Realtor started putting things into perspective for me and my mission, to help individuals and their families reach one of the biggest accomplishments ever, owning a home. That is huge! The satisfaction of delivering keys once the process is completed makes my heart happy and the only thing I can think about it doing it over and over and over again.