Brandon Volz
Brandon Volz
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Brandon's journey in real estate reflects a deep-rooted passion inherited from his father and nurtured through hands-on experience in Kansas. His father's 37 years as a building contractor laid the foundation for Brandon's understanding of the industry. The exposure during summer and winter breaks, where Brandon actively participated in his father's company, enriched his knowledge of the building side of real estate.

In 2011, Brandon took a significant step by relocating to Arizona. Eager to explore new horizons, he obtained his Real Estate License, marking the beginning of his career as a real estate professional. His decision to move beyond construction and delve into real estate sales and investment showcased his entrepreneurial spirit.

Teaming up with his brother, Brandon ventured into the Phoenix market, where they engaged in real estate investment for 6 years. Simultaneously, they continued investing in the Kansas market alongside their father for 5 years, creating a diverse portfolio that spanned multiple locations.

Brandon's commitment to his clients is evident in his approach. Whether assisting a first-time home buyer or collaborating with an investor, he is dedicated to guiding them through every step of the process. His client-focused mindset is reflected in testimonials, such as the praise from a client who highlighted Brandon's support throughout their home-buying journey.